Weather Project Mini Residencies

October 2012 - December 2013, Levenmouth area of Fife

FCA&C are delivering an offsite project in Fife with weather as its focus. Artists have been working with different groups and ages of people, and already successful parts of the project have taken place with Kirkland High School (with artist Hannah Imlach) and FYC & FACT (with artists Catrin Jeans and Fraser MacDonald), and will soon be taking place with Cameron Hospital (with artists Keiko Mukaide and Mark Powell) and Buckhaven High School (with artist Marion Smith).

A major part of the project is a commissioned digital work by artists Thomson & Craighead (Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead). This will culminate in a premiere of the work (details will be released shortly).

S1 pupils at Kirkland High School worked between October and December 2012 with artist Hannah Imlach. Introducing them to the kind of weather based ideas that inspire her work, Hannah showed them the basic principles of camera obscuras and got them to make kites, detailing their experiences in artist books.

2-30 May 2013 – the beautiful gold & silver kites, plus camera obscuras and the artist books are will be on display at the Lochgelly Centre (open 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday & 9am – 4.30pm on Saturday).

8 & 9 June 2013 – a selection of the Kirkland High School work, and paintings on the theme of weather by Buckhaven High School pupils, as well as work by other groups, will be on show at the Buckhaven Beehive (College Street, Buckhaven, KY8 1JX – previously the Free Gardener’s Hall). Open 10am – 5pm both days.