treat…yourself to Supermarket Sarah

Jane Gowans and Susan Davis of FCA&C have been busy creating a temporary display on a wall at FCA&C HQ of fabulous contemporary craft. Once arranged, the work (and wall) was photographed and then everything was dismantled. Completely mad? Not really, as the images were then uploaded to the Supermarket Sarah website and went live on 21 March – everything for sale and the page will be visible for 3 months! Artists include Hilary Grant, YOKE, Lovely Pigeon, Syrah Jay, Mitchell & Black, Lyle McCance, Katie Lees, Jane Gowans, Jo Davies.

If you’re looking for a special gift, or just want to treat yourself, look no further than this. FCA&C have done it as part of Treat, a brand created last summer to promote an interest and participation in contemporary craft.

Look out for other Treat activities coming to Fife during 2012.