Methilhill Community Learning Garden Residency

August to December 2015

Methilhill Community Learning Garden Residency took place between the children of Methilhill Community Learning Garden’s outdoor youth group and artist Claire Briegel, between August and December 2015.

The residency celebrated the children’s artistic and creative approaches to the garden’s ‘edible cycle’ of waste, growing, cooking and eating. These important elements of the cycle are explored as overlapping and intersecting, with each holding unique possibilities for creating sustainable approaches to food.

Through a series of creative workshops and engagements, the residency explored the synergy between visual art and a creative, practical exploration of food and sustainability for young minds in the garden.
As well as the children’s visual imagery capturing the biodiversity of the edible garden, aesthetic creativity also played a real part in re-imagining food and waste in diverse ways, revealing how important the role played by the arts can be in contributing to changing and dynamic relationships with the plants we eat.

A booklet containing some of the recipes uses by Claire when working with the children is available online (see below) and you can also read a blog about the residency here.

Thanks is due to the children & adults at the Community Learning Garden, and also to Eva Schonfeld of Common Good Food.

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