Home to a King (3) – Alec Finlay

The St Andrews part of Alec Finlay’s ‘Home to a King (3)’ project has now found its final resting place amidst the trees of St Andrews Botanic Gardens. Six nestboxes, embellished with a line of text, have now been located within the grounds. Within the text is an ‘encrypted’ tree name – the clue to its identity is the line of text – and the relevant birdbox is located in its ‘proper’ tree. Each birdbox has been painted the shade of green that matches the colour of its leaves.

St Andrews Botanic Gardens is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year, and now you can go on a mini birdbox hunt ! Their clues are as follows:

1 Recite a Spenser poem (5)

2 A popular chorus (5)

3 I dream a pleasantry (5)

4 The winds sweep ineffable music (4)

5 Waving sublimely in the wind (4)

6 Was Basho a koi lover (3)

You can find out more information about St Andrews Botanic Gardens via their website.

You can also download your own mini cardboard birdboxes complete with text from Alec Finlay’s website.

This project was a partnership between Fife Contemporary Art & Craft, StAnza (Scotland’s International Poetry Festival), and St Andrews World Class Initiative.

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