Sunrise Quilt Double for Adults Bed


By Anne Morgan

Inspired by watching the morning’s sunrise, Anne wanted to create a piece that had all the colours of autumn and celebrated the joy of the morning.  Its simplicity and use of dip-dye and quilting stitches makes it a desirable piece

Materials (front and back): organic cotton poplin, block-printed with recycled transparent binder in RUST left over from my degree. Dip-dyed using water based Procion inks.
Batting of your choice: organic cotton/wool reclaimed blanket.
Edging: organic cotton double gauze.
Yarn for quilting: organic cotton yarn or wool/silk yarn.
Hand-stitched edging: organic cotton thread

Dimensions 216 x 216 cm

Technique The colour transition from mustard to peach is achieved using a dip-dye technique and water-based Procion inks.
The sun print is made from a recycled binder from my degree and the print is created using a hand-cut rubber stamp which is painted with the binder and stamped onto the cotton. Then the sandwiched quilt, layers of top, bottom, and batting inside are stitched using cotton thread with a running stitch creating the sun rays.

Care Instructions Please wash this quilt on a very short and low temperature wash as the wool or cotton batting can be damaged. Drying flat without tumble drying is essential to keep its shape and fluffiness.

Turn around time including postage Made to order in 14 days

All Materialise 4 shop items are fulfilled directly by the makers.

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