Recycled Wool Yarn Wall Art – 2459


By Sandra Junele

This artwork showcases a distinctive pattern embedded within a recycled yarn waste sheet. The pattern-making process involves sewing the design onto a water-soluble film using a sewing machine. After the pattern is finished, it’s gently integrated into the surface of the recycled yarn waste material. As this happens, the water-soluble film dissolves, revealing the intricate pattern on the material’s surface. Then carefully attached to a wooden frame. Created in 2022.

*Please note that the shades may appear slightly different in person.

Specifications & Care

  • 20x20x2.1
  • Shredded wool yarn waste mixed with organic plant-based glue, wood.
  • Store in a dry warm place. Keep away from damp areas. Do not expose the material to water, as it can break into parts.
    1. Clean the artwork by dry cleaning only.
    2. If the material becomes softer, place it near a heater for a few hours.
    3. Keep away from fire
  • Turnaround time is 14 days – this item will be delivered to you directly from the artist
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