Petal Chain Earrings – Guy Howe Conners


Guy Howe Conners

The petal chain earrings are playfully over the top, yet also light and wearable. These would look great as a focal point with a simple more understated outfit, or could be equally effective when paired with a similarly bold look. Due to their length it is best not to wear them when operating any machinery!  These are made from lasercut acrylic, and spray painted by hand – making each piece slightly unique. Finished with handmade silver ear wires.   

Available in other colours too. 

Made to order. 

Specifications & Care

  • 2cm x 18cm 
  • Sterling Silver, Acrylic,  Spray Paint 
  • Laser cut acrylic with silver findings. 
  • Acrylic can be brittle and snap. To prevent this, take general care when handling and especially avoid bending or twisting. Additionally, store sprayed acrylic pieces in their own bag/box – away from other jewellery. This will help prevent breakages, scratching or chipping and keep your pieces in good condition.  
  • Turnaround time is 14 days – this item will be delivered to you directly from the artist.
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