Caitlin Hegney Adjustable Neckpiece


The design is inspired by rhythmic markings that can be found throughout Scottish heritage. At a time in history, blue pigment was once more valuable than gold. Caitlin uses the colour blue to attribute value to the wood, working with reclaimed wood so each piece takes on a unique shade of blue.

Materials – Reclaimed holly wood with bronze on oxidised silver snake chain. Fixture allows chain to be adjusted to the wearers desired length

Dimensions – 60x80x20mm
40 ‘’ chain at longest point and can be adjusted to as short as desired

Technique – Chasing, a technique that dates back to the 2nd century BC, is the process that allows Caitlin to translate her drawings into metal with the use of hand forged tools. The wood is dyed blue to enhance and celebrate the linear markings of the grain.

Care Instructions – Lightly polish metal elements with metal polishing cloth. Do not submerge wood in water. A suitable cleaning cloth will be supplied.

Expected turnaround time including posting – 7 days

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Adjustable Neckpiece
Adjustable Neckpiece
Adjustable Neckpiece
Adjustable Neckpiece