Fife Craft Association

Fife Craft Association was founded in 1986.  Its aims are:

– To promote any activity which, in the opinion of the members, will further their collective and individual interests as craft workers.
– To raise the standards of crafts where possible.
– To make residents and visitors aware of the wide range of crafts produced in Scotland.
– To promote crafts by organizing craft fairs and exhibitions.
– To participate in joint advertising projects.
– To benefit from the exchange of ideas and experiences.

The association is run by a committee elected from and by, all members. The association is non-profit making, and is financed by members subscriptions. All applications for membership are considered.

Membership is open to anyone, in Scotland, who is interested in any aspect of craft work, whether they have a full or part time craft business, are teachers, students or amateurs.  Although the association is based in Fife, we accept members from all over Scotland.