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Shutter Hub – Camera Amnesty

The Camera Amnesty is Shutter Hub’s appeal to help homeless photographers – could you donate your unwanted cameras and photography equipment to help others?

We’re very proud to be able to work with inspirational charities and organisations across the UK that empower homeless people and refugees through photography.

Having worked with the charity Accumulate, supporting them with photography workshops, tutoring, portfolio reviews at The Photographers’ Gallery, and with their exceptional exhibitions at The Guardian, we decided to establish the Camera Amnesty (read about that moment, here).

We saw for ourselves how the work that Accumulate does is life changing, and we wanted to find another way to make sure that homeless photographers can carry on developing their careers and expressing themselves through their creative skills. Can you imagine seeing the image but not being able to take the shot?

Over time the Camera Amnesty has grown to the extent that we are able reach out to more organisations across the UK, including the Red Cross, Lodging House Mission in Glasgow, People of the Streets, and STARS (Supporting Treatment Accommodation & Recovery in Suffolk), and spread the generosity of the photographic community even further.

Do you have a camera or photography equipment you’d like to donate?

We can accept digital and film cameras, from D/SLRs to point and shoots, camera phones, film, memory cards, bags and anything that could be of use to a photographer.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project by donating equipment and spreading the word.

Think you have something? Brilliant. Get in touch with us here. (email link towards foot of page)


Please note: on the rare occasion where an item can’t be used by any of the groups (due to age, damage etc) rather than dispose of it, we will attempt to sell it on, and any income from this will go straight back into Camera Amnesty funds.

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