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Opportunities and Funding

Here is a list of opportunities and funding sources available to craft and visual artists.  Many are not available to students.  Information can change and you are advised to check before submitting any applications.  Opportunities for Fife-based artists appear first, followed by an alphabetical list.  You can also use the filters on the right hand side to search specific areas.

  • CEO Online Resources 10

    A major worries for artists doing project work can be understanding contracts.   Read on for advice for how to cope with this.
    • Understanding Contracts
    • Coming up next time will be some tips on advertising,... Read more
    • CEO Online Resources 11

      This time's post about Cultural Enterprise Office's online resources looks at various forms of promotion - a vital knowledge if you want to get information about you and your work 'out there':
      • Advertising...
      • Read more
      • CEO Online Resources 12

        CEO's online resources are jam-packed with information to help artists set up businesses, gain further skills, CPD etc, and they also give sector-specific overviews which can be helpful particularly... Read more
      • CEO Online Resources 13

        This week's sector-specific overviews look at Film, Photography and Visual Arts.
        • Film
        • Photography
        • Visual Arts
        • If you've been reading these posts regularly, you will have noticed that CEO's... Read more
        • CEO Online Resources 2

          Understanding and creating budgets, not to mention the finer points of getting to grips with your finances, can trip many a practitioner up, particularly in the early days of setting up a business.  ... Read more

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