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Off the Rails Arthouse Sketchbook Project

One of the excellent artist-led organisations in Fife were very quick off the marks to come up with an idea for anyone to participate in.

Off the Rails Arthouse’s Chair, Claire Heminsley was inspired by The Brooklyn Sketchbook Project to create a Fife version: all you need is a blank sketch or notebook, and you select an idea from a vast list on their website and get cracking!  Work at your own pace, do whatever you want that relates to your idea.

You can keep the sketchbook private but OTRA will also be looking at ways of  publicising any pages that their creator’s would like to share.  And in the further distance time-wise, there’s also talk of exhibiting some in their Ladybank HQ!

Get full details from OTRA’s website, and here’s their downloadable pdf.

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