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Free HMRC Webinars for the Self-Employed

HMRC offers various webinars, lasting up to an hour, on a variety of topics that are very relevant if you’re setting up as self-employed

To attend an upcoming live webinar, register and sign in at least 5 minutes before it starts.

You can ask your host questions using the on-screen text box.

What to do if you’re self-employed

Watch YouTube videos for Self Assessment help and deadlines to find out about:

  • registering for Self Assessment
  • your self-employed tax return
  • expenses if you’re self-employed

Setting up your business

Catch up with the latest available webinar about getting started to find out:

  • how to tell HMRC you’re self-employed
  • what National Insurance you’ll pay
  • how to keep records and budget for your first tax bill

Register for the next live webinar for sole traders and self-employed partnerships to find out about business expenses and the Self Assessment tax return.

Use the online course setting up and running your own business to find out about:

  • choosing a structure for your business
  • telling HMRC about your self-employment
  • keeping business records
  • claiming expenses

How to pay your tax bill

Catch up with the latest available webinar about payments to HMRC to find out how:

  • your first tax bill is calculated
  • to pay your tax bill
  • you can budget for your first bill


Record keeping

Catch up with the latest available webinar about:

Accounting for your income and expenses

Catch up with the latest available webinar about cash basis if you’re a sole trader or business partnership.

This webinar isn’t suitable for limited liability partnerships or limited companies.

Business expenses

Catch up with the latest available webinar about:

Use the online course self-employed business expenses to find out about:

  • allowable business expenses
  • capital allowances
  • simplified expenses

Car expenses

Catch up with the latest available webinar about car expenses to find out about:

  • using the simplified expenses method
  • calculating the actual costs method
  • leasing a car and personal contract purchases

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