• Scottish Glass Society

    The Scottish Glass Society is a membership organisation which promotes the appreciation, understanding and development of contemporary Scottish Glass. Read more
  • SWG3

    SWG3 is a multi-discipline arts facility, providing studio space to a community of over 120 creative practitioners including but not exclusive to visual artists, curators, photographers, performance artists,... Read more
  • Queens Park Railway Club

    Queens Park Railway Club is an artist run space located on the platform of Queens Park Railway Station on the South side of Glasgow. Read more
  • Polarcap

    Polarcap is an organisation founded by two artists Graeme Todd and Liz Adamson in 2007. Its aim is to bring high quality contemporary art to as wide an audience as possible with particular concerns for... Read more
  • Fleet Collective

    Fleet Collective is a creative playground full of talented people making awesome things, sometimes on their own and sometimes as a group, based in Dundee. Read more