The Tool Shed

Kinghorn Ecology Centre receives tools donated by the local community.  These tools are then refurbished and shipped to Malawi.

Some tools at first sight look beyond repair, but our talented volunteers rarely shy away from a challenge.

The photos show a Stanley No. 4 plane, which when received was rusted and seized.  Our volunteer Bob Smith took the tool home to Leslie during lockdown.  After a day soaking in a Cola bath and a gentle application of heat, the screws were able to be freed.

Using manual techniques involving abrasive paper, wire wool and oil, all 20 component parts were restored, and the blade sharpened, the plane was as good as when new and ready for a new life in the Malawian sun.

Total time for restoration not including the soaking 15 hours!

Find out more about The Tool Shed (part of the Men’s Sheds’ movement) on their website.