Technical Skills Development

As part of the bursary Cerys completed some practical training, to this point she had only ever worked by manipulating wire for her jewellery. Below are some of the techniques she learned and is continuing to practice and hone them.

Silver Jewellery Making Workshop

East Neuk Studio, St Andrews

The first class Cerys took was an all day intensive silver jewellery making class where she learned how to saw, solder, form and texture silver, then applied these techniques to make a set of jewellery simple hammered rings, earrings and a pendant.

Link to East Neuk Studios

Stone Setting

with Jackie Bell

Stone setting was always something Cerys wanted to try out from the beginning. She did a one to one beginners course with Jackie Bell in her studio in Coburg House where she tried out rub over settings with gemstones.

Link to Jackie Bell’s Jewellery and Classes

Riveting Workshop

Perspex & Silver Pendant Workshop with Barbara Spence at Elements

Elements Festival of Silver and Gold in Edinburgh is an annual event that runs a series of workshops along side the exhibition. Cerys joined the riveting workshop which is a technique used to cold join materials together. They designed pendants and used silver shapes to join the pieces together.

Elements website link

Eco Metal Masterclass – Recycling Precious Metals

Central Scotland School Of Jewellery

Keen to work out how to recycle her scrap materials Cerys joined a workshop in Dunblane at CSSJ where she melted down her silver scrap using various techniques such as sand casting, melting and pouring into water.

Link to CSSJ Classes