Sara Pakdel-Cherry


Sara Pakdel-Cherry is a graduate of Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanston College of Art and Design.  An Iranian-Scottish multimedia artist and activist, Pakdel-Cherry explores the consolidation of the Islamic regime after the 1979 revolution while enhancing knowledge of her Persian heritage. Her art practice is based on her experiences as a Persian woman with hopes of educating the public of these issues. Meanwhile, illuminating the powerful feminine heritage of ancient Persia for the women of all generations in Iran. 

“Identity is kind of like Russian Roulette at birth.  

Personally, I was born as a Muslim Iranian national. Three years later my parents became immigrants and therefore asylum seekers in the UK. Years later my family became British citizens, granting us with Dual Identity. However, as a woman of colour, the word Dual Identity has negative connotations for me, this often can be the case for many people. If you are of colour and have Dual Identity you have most likely felt, faced, and dealt with racism. Dual Identity can at times be oppressive.

I am Sara Pakdel-Cherry, a multimedia artist with a practice based on women’s rights in Iran. I am a woman whose identity is stripped upon every visit back home, just like every woman currently residing in Iran.”

Pakdel-Cherry was selected for RSA New Contemporaries in 2024.