Sam Woolhead

Sam Woolhead, bug hotel created during lockdown

In the months of lockdown  

We were told to stay indoors, 
And a magic happened  
That no one could ignore. 

Our streets went empty, 
The noise dropped down, 
We all began to notice 
Bird song around the town 

The bees buzzed louder, 
Meadows allowed to stand tall. 
Nature in a bleak time,  
The brightest light of all. 

But with years of urbanisation 
Wildlife’s homes are hard to find. 
Birds, bees and butterflies 
Were all being left behind. 

We learned the great extent of 
Nature’s despairing disrepair.  
Seeing how much we need nature 
For a future, just and fair.  

This got me starting to wonder 
Is there a role I should fill? 
To help nature bounce back, 
To rewild and to rebuild. 

We started in our own backyard, 
We thought of multi-story features, 
A safe haven, a bug hotel 
For all creepy-crawley creatures 

With a wildflower roof on top 
A shelter from rain and dew.  
A first step to help nature 
Our resolve to make it new.