Robert Duncan

Path leading underneath a railway bridge, Robert Duncan


I tried tae remak me,
remix me, remind me
o what I had been, sae I tried
tae resteer me, restore me,
reset me, rewhet me, re-
plumb me, refine me, refind me,
rebuit me, rebuik me, re-
peat me, repeat me. Re-peety
me! Re-mercy me!
Rewrite me, rewright me,
resign me, respine me,
redraw me, reca me,
retrieve me, rescrieve me,
respeck me, respeak me,
redeem me, reteem me,
repair me, repuir me,
re-align me, re-assign me,
resume me, resoom me,
remix me, remind me:
I tried tae remak me.

Robert Duncan won the Wigtown Scots Poetry Prize in  2018 (The Threit) and 2020 (A Drystane Dyke), and was runner-up in 2019 (Fower Attacks).