Rae-Yen Song


Rae-Yen Song is a visual artist that works expansively across mediums, including drawing, sculpture, installation, costume, video, sound, performance, and family collaboration. Song’s work explores self-mythologising as a survival tactic: using fabulation to establish a richly visual world-building practice informed by autobiography, ancestral journeys, Taoist philosophy, family ritual, multi-species interdependency, and science fiction. For Song, world-building becomes a tool for imaginative self-definition, with familial logics becoming the foundations of an alternative reality untethered from linear conceptions of space and time. It allows Song to resist colonial tropes and conventions, crafting multidimensional personal records and offerings towards radically different futures. These narratives yield a mix of humour, empathy and absurdity, whilst speaking broadly and politically about foreignness, identity, survival and what it means to belong ― or not. 

Recent exhibitions and projects include: ☰pa●○pa☴, Aspex, Portsmouth (2023); Let the Song Hold Us, FACT Liverpool (2022); Meet me at the threshold, Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh (2022); Aggregate 2022, Freelands Foundation, London (2022); WORMB, Quench Gallery, Margate (2022);  ▷▥◉▻, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee (2021). Other selected projects include: wūûūwūûū, a LUX Scotland moving image commission for BBC Scotland (2021); Fabric of Society, Glasgow International (2021); songdynasty.life, a nascent online archive, with videos commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and Hunterian Art Gallery (2020 – ongoing); ✵may-may songuu✵, a solo exhibition at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester (2020).