One year on

Remember the series of typographic carvings on windfallen timber at Falkland Estate that made up last summer’s Trail of Thought? It’s exactly a year since we launched the project in early July 2021, and we thought we’d pay it a visit again, to see how everything had fared. Many thanks to Lesley Acheson and Sebastian Chaloner, the Trail’s original creators, for supplying the images. If you click on the individual links for each sculpture, you’ll hear Lesley’s short audio guide for each piece.

The above sculpture See the Wood for the Trees has now become See the Sculpture for the Grass! Looks pretty luxuriant now though you have to look closer to recognise the words.

What about It’ll Blow Over? It, and another carving Onwards and Upwards, seemed to say so much about the last two years for many people. The moss has grown over a little, but they’re still there and survived the weather and encroaching nature quite well.

Good Wood Good Mood looked a pretty robust carving, and it’s weathered the passing seasons well, as has Speculate – perhaps they’re protected from the worst of the Falkland rain and wind by the surrounding trees? It’s quite hard to tell which are the before and after images.

You’ll find these timber musings up and around The Temple of Decision and The Tyndall Bruce Monument, both situated on the higher up parts of the Falkland Estate woodland. If you’d like to take a look for yourself, feel free to share any images or thoughts using #TrailofThought.

If This Then Not That