Nikita Vora

“My concept stemmed from anger reflecting on the treatment towards ethnic minorities in Britain – listening to the experiences of my grandparents, my mother growing up in Crystal Palace and finally telling my own story. I wanted to channel this anger and celebrate South-Asian women in particular.

We are beautiful, intelligent, strong and powerful.

Our skin is our super power.”

“As a South-Asian woman, I have a lot to say, and I want to do that through the power of art and fashion. Fashion has always been political, such as the concept of power-dressing, so having collections representing my voice is essential.”

Nikita Vora

Head of creative, design, marketing and graphic design at Puresativa and the sister company Sativa Bags

Fashion Design

Edinburgh College of Art


“I will be building a website for a woman, by a woman called by Nikita Vora. The site will have collections of apparel with graphic prints designed by myself, which all hold a powerful message. As a South-Asian woman, I have a lot to say, and I want to do that through the power of art and fashion. Fashion has always been political, such as the concept of power-dressing, so having collections representing my voice is essential. The website will also retail other ethical brands led by women, such as Yala Jewellery.

For my first collection, I will be creating the self pleasure collection. A collection to allow women to feel more powerful than they already are. Self pleasures come in ample forms for women, whether emotional, sexual or physical, which my graphics will show. Self pleasures could be combining my western and South Asian heritage, being the boss and kicking ass at the workplace, fashion and body positivity. There are so many.

Lastly, I want my website to have a journal as a forum. I will write a weekly journal about something I have learnt, such as women’s news, being a South Asian woman or sharing my battle with my mental health and steps that have helped me. The journal will be open to people commenting anonymously or signing off if they wish to, with their thoughts and experiences. I want it to be a way for us to help others, a safe place to share our stories.

I have completed my first graphic of the self-pleasure collection and am working on the next one. “

Materials and Techniques

I used digitally printed wool and denim for my fashion course and final collection. The prints were illustrations that I digitally hand-drew. The buttons used were all creating using a pouring paint technique.

For the prints for the self pleasure collection, I used digital graphic illustrations.

I use a combination of digital drawing and a 3D painting technique for my paintings.

For the bags, I design the samples (I have been for the last few years), and the family-run factory we have been working very closely with (for over 15 years) in China makes the bags.

Awards, Exhibitions and News

Head of Creative at Puresativa and the sister company Sativa Bags.

To view the full collection of illustrations and creative work for Puresativa go here.

To view the full collection of bags go here.

Winner of St James Quarter Award
Awarded a prize from Edinburgh St James Quarter for Inclusive Design for my graduate collection.

W1 Curates x Graduate Fashion Foundation Competition winner
W1 Curates showcased my graduate collection images on the screens of Flannels Store on Oxford Street, London.

Interviewer ‘The Wider Lens’- the School of Design Inclusivity Series 2021 · Freelance

A seminar/ talk about my experience for Creative Circles Edinburgh

A judge for the Creative Edinburgh Awards

A speaker on the Women of Cannabis panel at Product Earth trade show 2022

Youtube channel: Nikita Vora
A fashion styling channel for women with tips, tricks and ideas on how to help elevate your looks. A channel which also discusses topics that sometimes we are too afraid to say aloud. As a South Asian woman I discuss my battles with mental health and hopefully can help someone else by opening up. My intention is to create an open conversation particularly for women to elevate our confidence. Known for having no filter, I chat about all things fashion and hope to bring you a dose of sunshine.

Effects during and post pandemic

“Designing in a pandemic was definitely difficult because naturally as a creative I am inspired from people and the world around me, as vague as that sounds. So, my concept surrounded what I knew best; my experience as a South Asian woman and the history of South Asian women in Britain and my own community. The topics were extremely heavy which was definitely more tricky being locked in because there was almost no escape. However, I really got to know myself so much better and worked through struggles mentally that I didn’t face before. Creatively, I learnt so much more because I was self teaching. I didn’t have my tutors every day in the studio so I was forced to be extremely independent and problem solve which I feel really developed my creative skills and confidence. I definitely pushed myself a lot more.”