Natalie Jayne Clark

Make It New – Make It For You

Lockdown’s unlocked a need to keep busy, keep my hands busy, keep my mind busy
In my desperation I explore the bulging arts and crafts drawer that’s usually left ignored
Buying twee bits and bobs is more my hobby, not actually doing the projects I dream and plan
Like a microcosm of a hoarder’s house, in amongst the broken and never-going-to-be-used I find
Reminders of what I wanted to be and who I once was

The multitude of iron and sew on patches seem to sift themselves out
Each logo, each rainbow, every pithy quote
Colours in a memory of a previous place or time or facet of me
I’d planned to be represented on a pair of new jeans

But my jeans change up and down in size; seasons’ styles go from low-rise to high, baggy to tight
The time just never felt right
However, I’ve found again this plain denim jacket, passed from her, to you, to me
It goes with everything! Except for me…

The needle struggles through the thick fabric, the iron sputters steam, I spill an obstruent cup of tea
But despite my lack of expertise, the pricks of pain in my fingers, the burnt bits and corners that
Just won’t stay down
Here is my jacket, made new, made for me.

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