Lynn Valentine

Nae Stramash wi the Covid

A craftit masel a bran-new brain,
fed ma bodie oan dug walks
an chocolate, knittit masel
thegither, nivver drappit a stitch.

Och aye, a wis anxious but
sae wis iveryane. Ma ain
bran o anxious foon itsel loast.
A didnae hae tae cope nae mair
wi croods, meetins, gittin oan a train.

A cuid dae they Zooms richt guid,
nane o that sma tawk, jist git
strecht tae the point ir the poyem.
I cuid even wear ma jammie bottoms.

Aince a hae ma jag, ah’ll be takin
hings slow, mebbe keep oan
thae deliveries fae shops in toon.
An ah’ll look yir wey if I see yi,
jist dinnae expeck mair than a froon.

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