Laura Ukstina

“From Memphis to Lego”

“Customers can buy separate garment parts and construct finished outfits themselves to create an absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind look.”

Laura Ukstina

Textile Artist

BA (Hons) Textile Design

Gray’s School Of Art


“From Memphis to Lego

A fascination with the primary colouration, shapes and structures of Lego blocks has been the inspiration for my collection of multimedia fabrications, exploring knit, laser-cut vinyl and paper constructed textiles. Lego’s system of colourful, interlocking, plastic blocks has inspired my knitted garment collection of interchangeable and modular shapes where each garment can be customised to personal specifications. 

While creating this collection I explored many different techniques and materials; however the main idea didn’t change through the development process – I wanted to create something that can be manipulated by the consumer to make the product last longer and reduce fashion and textile industry waste. I find playing with Lego very inspiring as we can create so many different structures from a limited amount of Lego blocks. I truly believe that designers should inspire the consumer to change the way we buy and see clothing. We need to start slowing down fast fashion and change the fact that the fashion and textile industry is the second most polluting industry on our planet. “

Materials and Techniques

Laser-cutting: materials – neoprene, faux leathers, suede, plywood

Knitting: 5- and 7- gauge knitting machines, Scottish spun 100% Lambswool

Awards, Exhibitions and News

Based in Fife, Lochegelly.

Employed by Todd and Duncan – Cashmere mill in Kinross. 

Exhibiting at this years annual Craft Scotland summer show with very exciting new collection.