James Donald PickOne

During lockdown, Edinburgh-based weaver James Donald continued his desire to reduce and use up what he had in the PickOne Studio by researching the Japanese techniques of Zanshi and Saori textiles.

He explains: “‘Zanishi’ is the Japanese word for leftovers and ‘Zanshi cloth’ was originally woven from loom waste, meaning that nothing was discarded. ‘Saori’ or ‘Sakiori weaving’ allows a free form of cloth to be produced with little restrictions or rules. These cloths were originally woven using up shredded fabric torn into thin strips of fabric usually in silk or cotton, again using up what would otherwise discarded.”

James produced a series of pieces which takes their lead from this technique and thinking – Lockdown Collection.
(Find full details on his website)

This collection has led to the further development of his a collection which he is currently weaving as documented in part on his Instagram account.

“All of this upcycling/recycling/repurposing came during the height of Lockdown where I would go on these extended walks with Domino (the dominator), my wee feisty French Bulldog. On these walks I was finding loads of stuff that had been thrown out, discarded, littering the streets of Leith and the various beaches we would visit; mainly wood, but I began collecting sea-tumbled bricks which I made into a brickery rockery (ideal for sedums) and using in my garden for various projects.”

“This got me thinking about how I could use the same philosophy within the studio and creative practice, using the yarns I had accumulated over the years. I made a New Year resolution not to buy any new yarns during 2021 and use what I already owned … hence the Lockdown Collection and the current woven project. There was still a need/desire to keep visiting my studio and making for all sorts of other benefits.”
Below – lavender bags also made by James from off-cuts of woven fabric.
(Scarves and lavender bags available from James’ website)