Male blackbird; photo Julian Davis

Fife Contemporary has long been engaged with environmental concerns in how it carries out its work and also in the themes of its programme. In 2019 we Declared Climate Emergency.

We recognise the lead and inspiration provided by artists and makers.  While they show commitment to making changes within their own practice, researching and implementing change involves a complex and daunting range of issues. This was why we decided to create the Artists’ Environmental Resource to support this change. It is free to download.

As a first attempt it will be incomplete, especially as knowledge and practice in this area is developing rapidly and across the globe. We hope that it will however provide a useful starting point, and plan to update it on an annual basis.

Bumblebees on Echinops flower

What’s the Sharespace for?

The associated Sharespace on our website aims to capture additional and new information from the arts community which will supplement the Environmental Resource document and help update it.

We’re also really interested in artists sharing their own environmental practice and using the site to ask their peers for help in solving environmental queries. We’re pleased to open the Sharespace by featuring the work of two environmentally engaged artists who will be part of our REsolve exhibition, Stefanie Cheong and Hannah Imlach.

Unusual pink Pussy Willow

Get in touch!

We would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to be featured on the Sharespace. Please send us images, related links, and information about relevant artwork. Also welcome are any hints and tips about materials and processes which allow your practice to be more sustainable.

If you have any related questions, just use the Got a Question section on the Sharespace to get in touch with us and we’ll try to find you an answer!