INSIGHTS 7 – Botanical Theme

Lines from Scotland curator Amanda Game‘s 3rd film in our INSIGHTS’ series looks in more detail at the botanical connections in the exhibition.

This short Reflections film of silversmith Michael Lloyd is one of several made by The Scottish Gallery to accompany an exhibition of his work, celebrating his 70th birthday in June 2020. We’re delighted to be able to include it here.

Cellist Sonia Cromarty (of chamber music duo High Heels and Horse Hair) describes the Heartsease visual score they commissioned from artist Hanna Tuulikki.
The Chantilly Codex is reproduced here © IRHT-CNRS, Bibliothèque du musée Condé, Chantilly (manuscrit 564).

Listen to Heartsease from the TRANSPLANTED project, played by Sonia Cromarty (cello) and Alice Rickards (violin) of High Heels and Horse Hair.

And finally, enjoy James Oswald’s Thistle, played by Alice Rickards and Sonia Cromarty (Music in the Meadow).