INSIGHTS 6 – Deirdre Nelson & Inge Thomson

Lockdown has thrown us all many challenges, not least where communication is concerned. Artist Deirdre Nelson is based in Glasgow, and musician & composer Inge Thomson comes from Fair isle. However, technology came to the rescue, and below is their recorded chat about The Sleeping Starfish project featured in Lines from Scotland.

Deirdre Nelson, Data Hat
Deirdre Nelson’s Data Hat
Deirdre Nelson talking about the inspiration behind her knitted Data Hat
Inge Thomson talking about her song Hand Idle
Inge Thomson – Plotting Music
  • Deirdre Nelson & Inge Thomson - Lines from Scotland at St Andrews Museum
  • Deirdre Nelson & Inge Thomson
  • Deirdre Nelson & Inge Thomson
  • Deirdre Nelson & Inge Thomson
  • Inge Thomson, Mapping the Left Hand
  • Deirdre Nelson, Bird Data chart & knitted sample
  • Annie & Triona Thomson, knitting charts
  • Deirdre Nelson, Stewart & Annie
  • Deirdre Nelson, Data Hat
  • Deirdre Nelson (knitted headphone cover) & Inge Thomson, 3 pieces of music

Enjoy the 3 short pieces of music by Inge Thomson featured in Lines from Scotland, and including Hand Idle which she describes above.

Hand Idle © Inge Thomson, 2015 (4:35)
Knit Glitch © Inge Thomson, 2015 (2:05)
Sleeping Starfish © Inge Thomson, 2015 (3:02)