Iain Donaldson Elder

I resolve to make it new

Where does new begin and old end?
Does it depend on how much money you spend?
Life is a journey with a start and a finish,
But through life’s journey we can always replenish,
If you find something broken, wonky or askew,
Don’t throw it out but make it brand new.

I’ve resolved to do this in my life,
For the benefit’s gained just ask the wife,
Rather than sitting rocking too and throw in a corner in the dark,
I decided to get up and litter pick my park,
then as opposed to moaning oh woe is me,
I resolved to write poetry and make my wife’s tea.

If we recycle, reuse or reinvent,
Then to our lives well add an intent,
To make something new from something that’s old,
Is like taking your life from being on hold,
And giving new purpose or meaning per say,
To the dullness and the dreariness of a COVID day.

I could sit and rot as I have MS but I do meditation and that relieves the stress,
the old me was stuck and couldn’t let go,
so, I got on the web, now I do physio,
we can all procrastinate and wonder what it would have been like,
or do something new and go buy a bike.