Gosia Walton

My life changed dramatically in June 2022, when I became ill with Long Covid. It has changed me, my life and my practice, as the devastating symptoms and existential silence have breathed and infused slowness into all of my work.

Gosia Walton, Breathing, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, My body, my mind, my fears, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, Brain Fog, 2022. Monotype on paper

For the last year and a half, my life has been on hold as I spent most of my time in bed, thinking about what’s been happening to me, and realising that this emotional struggle fueled my process. I realised that art is my survival tool and my sanity guarantee.

Gosia Walton, Less blood inside me, 2022. Monotype and pencils on paper

After nine years of making art exclusively using technology, I turned to drawing and printmaking as a vehicle for ideas and a new tool to document and process my current condition. Drawing is now a daily ritual throughout my life, used as a necessary tool to record, access and represent a different kind of written language. It’s a visual example of communication that doesn’t have to be rooted in cognitive thinking. The work captures organ-like, unique forms immersed into an internal world through undulating lines in ink, watercolour, gouache and pencil. The drawings are colourful, abstract, intimate, and a place to work through my complicated relationship with hope, anger, depression and despair.

– Monotype prints on paper, 2022

Gosia Walton, I was a girl once, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, You think you’re OK, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, Good choices, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, Spoonies, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, I can’t sleep without you, 2022. Monotype on paper
Gosia Walton, Sweet Dreams, 2022. Monotype on paper

In June 2023, I received funding from Creative Scotland, which greatly impacted my creative practice. Long Covid has hugely affected my ability to make art due to fatigue, brain fog and dizziness. I learned basic at-home printmaking techniques and began making small monotype drawings, exploring my life as an artist with Long Covid. In connecting to my emotions I found a way to explore new creative processes, themes and variations by developing an intimate and evolving imaginary world by drawing on paper.

It’s been 16 months since contracting Covid for the first time and 3 months since becoming sick with the virus again. It turns out that I have POTS = Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which means that my heart rate goes up by a minimum of 30 bpm when standing. I will be taking medication used to treat adults with chronic heart failure for an unknown number of years, and currently, I cannot feel my heart beating.

Gosia Walton, You need to sleep, 2022. Monotype and pencil on paper
Gosia Walton, Help me, 2022. Monotype and pencil on paper

I am trying to return to my usual unbroken self while maintaining creative practice. With time to reflect, I decided to use my current condition and document it as it unfolds in real-time. As an artist, I feel responsible for putting that into my work

Gosia Walton, Gut feeling, 2022. Monotype and pencils on paper
Gosia Walton, Mind and body, 2022. Monotype and pencils on paper

Artist Biography

Gosia Walton is a visual artist working across drawing, printmaking, painting and installation. For ten years she has
been creating by mixing traditional tools and techniques with contemporary technology, such as laser cutting acrylic sheets, canvas and paper. Solo exhibitions include Laser Erotic at Galerie Pact, Paris (2016); BLISK at Galeria Sztuki, Legnica, Poland (2018). Recent group exhibitions include Dark Night of the Soul at Lewisham Art House, London (2019); Society of Scottish Artists 130th Annual Exhibition at Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (2022). In 2018 she was awarded The Deloitte Prize, by the Society of Scottish Artists.

Gosia Walton’s practice has fundamentally shifted since being diagnosed with Long Covid in June 2022, becoming
more slow, intimate and holistic in nature. New work was included in the group exhibition at the Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court, 26th of September – 2nd of October 2023, and in an upcoming solo exhibition at Mote102 in Leith, Edinburgh, from February 2024.

We are so small. Monotype on paper, 2022

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