Deirdre Nelson

Glasgow-based textile artist Deirdre Nelson is skilled in the creation of all kinds of textile items; but in recent times, she’s also been increasing her skills as an inspiring mender of textiles. In the short film below she describes what she’s been doing with Repair Cafe Glasgow.

In case you were in any doubt about Deirdre’s amazing skills, particularly on the knitting front, take a look at how quickly she can mend holes in a sock!

Enjoy a timelapse film of some very fast sock repairs by Deirdre!

Find out more about Deirdre through her website and social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram).

Fife Contemporary (in its previous guise as the Crawford Arts Centre) worked with Deirdre on an exhibition called The Dangers of Sewing and Knitting in 2005. Deirdre responded to strange and interesting tales from sewing and knitting history by creating objects that related to them. Enjoy a few examples below; you can also purchase a copy of the publication via our online shop.

  • Front cover for 'Dangers of Sewing and Knitting' which accompanied an exhibition by Deirdre Nelson of the same name in 2005
  • Pages from the exhibition publication 'The Dangers of Sewing and Knitting' by Deirdre Nelson, looking at the story of Elizabethan Blackwork