Debbie Maya

Make it New

Bone China, Pure, Translucent, Fragile
Emerging from the Kiln, broken, cracked, warped
Frustration, disappointment, anger

Wabi Sabi, Acceptance, Appreciation, Imperfection
Emerging from the kiln, broken, cracked, warped
Satisfaction, Joy, Happiness

Letting go of control, Surprise, Excitement, Success 
Embracing every crack, break, warp and finding the beauty within

Some materials are fragile, delicate, sensitive and easily broken
They can still be beautiful left as they are or repaired in some way

Just like us

We all need some care and gentle handling
We can still be beautiful whilst broken
Healed and repaired, bringing even more beauty

Perfectly Imperfect
Imperfectly Perfection

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