David Bottomley

I’ve spent a lot of lockdown going through boxes of old things, especially accumulated clippings and paperwork, trying to work out if they have a future or new life and if so in what form.

Fragments From A Life

Treasure chest of memories
standing stuffed to the brim
full of fragments from a life
vivid as photographs stored
between pages of ageing albums.

Each piece crafted
like a life sculpture
from ink and paper
lovingly hand written or typed
reliving a moment shared.

They celebrate and criticise
a parade of faces and times
a world lived and experienced
through the eyes of one man
told in words to the rest of the world.

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Bottomley Writes Lockdown Poetry Film Festival 
David has been busy working in collaboration with 50 creatives since the first lockdown to bring 50 of his poems to life on film. You can subscribe to their You Tube channel.