Collection 2 Sneek Peek

Just before lockdown, we were embarking on Phase 2 of the project. Artists were lined up and we were beginning to deliver the workshops to some of the groups. Unfortunately that has been put on pause for now until it is safe to be with the groups again. We are currently exploring how some of the workshops could be delivered remotely.

The Fife Young Carers’ Senior group were plotting dates to work with Claire Christie (Clarabella), a Dunfermline-based textile artist, who is looking into sourcing some large rolls of Kirkcaldy linen. The young carers will explore print and pattern and the linen will then be made into various products such as tote bags and scarves.

You can view Clarabella’s website here.

The Fife Young Carers’ Youth Focus group were lined up to work with Rob Page (Schedule D Productions) on an exciting photography project. Using smartphones and lens adapter kits, the participants will capture abstract images and details of their daily encounters. These images have the potential to be made into prints or used to produce digitally-printed fabrics.

You can view Rob’s website here.

The Adult Carers had already started to work with jeweller Stefanie Cheong. They had each made a silver ring, tried their hand at saw-piercing, and had begun to think about designs for a possible jewellery collection. They are still lined-up to learn wax carving to then have their creations cast in metal.

You can view Stefanie’s website here.