Circular Ceramics

Circular Ceramics is a tableware collection made by Sara Howard entirely from industrial waste by-products. Her methods are based on the principles of the Circular Economy, where waste produced in the manufacturing process is put back into production, mimicking natural cycles.

Seeking external industries that consume the same raw materials as the ceramics’ industry, Sara examined their waste streams.
Identifying the by-products that were destined for landfill, she carried out extensive material investigations to replace the raw materials in ceramics with waste, and this is how Circular Ceramics came about. (The film shows her grinding up stone slurry)

Working in this circular method diverts waste away from landfill and reduces the consumption of raw materials, securing a future for the ceramics industry and our increasingly fragile ecology.

Sara’s newest work is a series of tray plates, designed to be the most sustainably produced plate. It considers sustainability throughout the whole process, from creating the form to the use of industrial waste. It is only the form that has changed, not the use of materials. The forms are extruded which means:

  • There is no use of electricity to create the form;
  • no use of disposable plaster moulds;
  • plates can interlock and stack to kiln firings are more efficient;
  • and as always it does not require finite raw materials and diverts waste away from landfill.