Ceramics – Junior Carer Group

With Gavin Burnett ceramicist

Gavin Burnett, Fife-based ceramicist, worked with the group to design different ceramic vessels. They learned how to make pinch pots, had a go a slab-building, created various handles, and were shown the process of slip-casting.

Gavin then produced multiples of the vessels by taking a mould and slip-casting. This allowed us to make small run editions of individual pots for selling. These items were all produced by Gavin in his studio.

Making decals from the illustrations produced with the group and Alan Grieve, Gavin transferred them onto the vessels to add lots of character; then fired them on so that they are functional and waterproof.

‘It was a pleasure to be part of the first Carers Project, and the group should be very proud of what they have achieved in such a short period of time with little, or no experience with clay. Between them they have designed & made a range of gift ware that any professional potter will be very jealous of. Personally, it’s the imagination of the kids to create the illustrations that really makes this such a successful project.’  

Gavin Burnett

You can see more of Gavin’s work by visiting his website here