Aromatherapy – Adult Carer Group

With Rebecca Sharp Interdisciplinary Artist

Rebecca Sharp, Fife-based multidisciplinary artist, worked with the group to explore scent in a series of aromatherapy workshops. They learned how to create natural perfumes by scent-blending using essential oils. Each participant made their own and then worked as a group to develop Woodland Walk and Fire Dance.

Each scent told a story and the essential oils were selected to evoke them. The stories can be read below.

Rebecca then produced solid perfumes and we developed a series of wax candles, some being housed in the ceramics made by the Junior carer group.

Woodland Walk Scent Story

A fresh woodland meadow surrounds you – the air shimmers with notes of Frangipani, Lemongrass, Lavender and Rose; calming, mind-clearing, inviting you to pause. You notice a path leading between the trees at the edge of the meadow, calling you on a journey. You follow the path and enter a lush green forest. A cool breeze of Cypress and Pine envelops you, creating a sense of adventure as the air quickens and twigs snap beneath your feet. The path leads you on, finally opening out to the vision of a mountain – vast and mysterious, your journey’s end. Sandalwood and Patchouli offer wisdom and strength, the steadfastness of the mountain and its hidden depths.

Fire Dance Scent Story

Top notes of Lime and Orange pack a zesty punch, while Black Pepper and Ginger put a spring in your step. Base notes of Cedarwood, Frankincense and Cinnamon bring an earthy expression of confidence and freedom. The notes dance around each other to create an uplifting experience – sparks will fly!

“It was a huge pleasure to work with the group as they developed their own bespoke range of scent-blends. Through the weeks, we explored and learnt about the ingredients, chatting and laughing (getting giddy on the oils!), sharing powerful memories and responses to the scents and what they evoked for each of us. Connecting it all together and distilling it into the final range – from overall concept to adding titles and descriptions, thinking about presentation and packaging – was a magical way for us to share time and stories together; to make something collaboratively and offer it out to other people as a gesture of care.”

Rebecca Sharp

To view more of Rebecca’s work, visit her website here.