Angela Blacklock-Brown

Past Times To Pastimes

I remember the nineties’ power dressing,
smart suit, A line skirt, business-like blouse,
and to set it off, the ubiquitous lapel brooch.

Don’t forget designer leather shoes,
modest heel, no stilettoes, no flatties,
with tights in matching colours.

I wonder now in lockdown dressing down,
what use these strident statements are
in shades of yellow, pink and blue.

I remember my neighbour crafting flowers,
twisting silver wire into petal shapes,
then wrapping scraps of tights to form the buds,

She pulled the fabric taut and wound it round,
placed sparkling silver stamens in the centre,
adding florists’ wire green to form a stem.

I emulate her skills in making new designs,
using fuse wire till I get it right, and now
I have a grand excuse for keeping these old tights.