Resolve to Make it New

Fife Contemporary’s partnership with StAnza 2021 is a celebration of the items that have literally been made anew during the past tumultuous year, through darning and mending in all its forms. This online exhibition will include images of these rescued and now cherished objects, as well as short poems that look at the theme of making new in its widest sense.

Ways of making them better
A positive future
Ready for a new life
Come alive again
Each morning is new
Hopeful grappling hooks
Salvage and restore
Waves lapping onto a sandy beach
Too good to waste
Darning Care Kits
My mend is not invisible
My material being is transformed
Aince a hae ma jag, ah’ll be takin hings slow
Here's to new-mended life
A kind of Japanese Boro stitching
Connects up her soldering iron
The box seems pleased with its new life
Scarecrows in wrang sized shun
Blanket stitch around the fraying neck
Transformed now
Making new memories
A first step to help nature
Past Times To Pastimes