Starting with AI – Midjourney for Artists

Free artist CPD session – Online, 6pm Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Fife Contemporary in Conversation with Emma Varley – Artist in Residence at St Andrews Botanic Gardens

Join us as we discuss the creative possibilities and implications of working with Midjourney and other AI Image generators. Emma Varley will present how she uses AI technology to push and expand her own practice, as well as the work of other creative users of AI who have influenced her.

Designed for practicing visual artists, makers, and designers, the session will also include some live-working with the Midjourney tool to generate and manipulate images in a group creative session. Emma will demonstrate how text inputs and ‘prompt craft’ can dramatically influence visual results; how continual and deep interaction with images can realise expansive creative possibilities, and how this can be used to develop new work and explore visual ideas. The ethics of Midjourney and her approach to what it means for art and making will also form part of the discussion.

This event has now passed.