Scrap Exchange Challenge exhibition

9 July – 16 Sept 2010; St Andrews Town Hall (Queen’s Gardens, St Andrews, KY16 9TA, tel 01334 474610; closed Mon 19 July due to local public holiday; open Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm and occasionally at weekends)

FCA&C set the artists attending their annual Artists’ & Makers’ Forum a very specific challenge way back in April this year. As the Forum’s theme was ‘sustainability’, they were asked to bring a shoebox with some of their scrap materials to swap randomly with someone else’s box; then take it away and make an artwork from it. Some of their own materials could be added to it, but nothing could be bought for it.

Two and a half months later and with much creativity at work, 19 artists submitted artworks to display in St Andrews Town Hall. Some used all the contents, some even used the box itself, and certainly no two items are alike! While the challenge itself was quite hard, most agreed that it was a very stimulating exercise and theywould like to do it again!

Thanks to all who participated – Lainy Allison, Jenny Barker, Anton Beaver, Sheena Berry, Pat Bray, Hazel Darwin-Edwards, Jean Duncan, Nicola Glennie, Liz Harvey, Susie Imber, Mary Johnston, Margaret Lappin, Marianna Lines, Lynne McKellar, Evie Milo, Maureen Sangster, Dot Sim, Lorraine Smith, and Angie Turner.

Thanks also to Fife Council’s Celebrating Fife 2010 who provided extra funding enabling FCA&C to widen the scope of this year’s Forum.