REsolve: a Creative Approach to the Circular Economy

Fife Contemporary is delighted to present REsolve: a Creative Approach to the Circular Economy as part of our commitment to put the climate emergency at the heart of our programming.

Curated by artist-curator Mella Shaw, this exhibition will showcase the work of contemporary artists, designers and makers and encourage new perspectives on resources, waste and how we live. It will take place at Kirkcaldy Galleries from 26 February to 8 May 2022.

The objects on show will challenge expectation, spark dialogue and reveal an innovative and explorative approach to materials that is essential for our transition away from our current take-make-waste economy. From salvaged building materials to the by-products of beer-making, in the hands of these creative practitioners everything has value to be unlocked. An alternative and hopeful future is discussed through adoption of the themes of the circular economy, as well as celebrating the craftsmanship and creativity necessary for moving towards a sustainable, zero carbon future.

Sarah Calmus
Chalk Plaster
Stefanie Cheong
Draff Studio
Paul Eames
Helen Grundy
Sara Howard
Janet Hughes
Hannah Imlach
Deirdre Nelson
Carol Sinclair
Daniel Svahn

Listen to INSIGHTS from some of the participating artists in conversation with Mella Shaw on our microsite.

FREE Circular Economy Resource for School and Home Learning from Ostrero. Click the link to find out how you can take part in the Making Circles project as a school or from home.