Life Lines: Online Exhibition

Fife Contemporary is pleased to present Life Lines, an exhibition bringing together artists affected by the long-term impacts of COVID-19, opening up their creative practice on an online platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a drastic change to our daily lives for many reasons, but for some artists the move to working and exhibiting art online meant that exhibitions, events, launches and private views became more accessible and available through their internet connection. Artists managing long-term health conditions, living with disability or shielding from potential COVID-19 exposure could participate in online events and see online exhibitions, and share online artworks on the same terms as everyone else. As physical exhibitions, art fairs, markets and events reemerge, and fewer events are available online it would be too easy to ignore the exciting work these artists continue to produce.

The impact of covid is not the subject of these artists’ work, which carry their own stories, conceptual weight, and creative expressions. Rather, the pandemic’s impact is explored by exposing how these artists practices have changed in response to extended isolation, limited access to studio facilities, or the need to exhibit work digitally or remotely.

Spanning work in sculpture, printmaking, painting, drawing, digital illustration and bookmaking, the artists brought together in this exhibition are based across Scotland, and exemplify the great variety and quality of creative practice being produced by artists in studios across the country. Exhibiting artists are Marion Boddy-Evans, Sasha Saben Callaghan, Kathryn Hanna, Kirsty Stevens, Gosia Walton, and collaborative duo Matilda Tumim and Chris PrendergastThemes explored include exploration of sacredness and tradition, engagement with landscape, isolation and communication, stories of disability, fairytale and imagination, and the aesthetics of medical imaging.

See the Life Lines exhibition here

On Thursday 26 October 2023 the online exhibition was launched alongside a virtual tour of the exhibition and an in-depth discussion with the artists involved.

The online launch event recording will be available online soon, further details will be updated on the event page here.