Heat Exchange II

An exhibition of international jewellery and objects exploring exciting and innovative ways of working with vitreous enamel. The artists involved have been encouraged to discuss and exchange ideas across the world through a multi-author blog and opportunities to meet and work together. Visitors will be given insights into this collaborative process and the creative development of the work on display. Curated by Beate Gegenwart and Elizabeth Turrell the exhibition is toured to FCA&C @ St Andrews Museum by Craft in the Bay, Cardiff.

Artists taking part are:
Stephen Bottomley (Scotland/UK); Kathleen Browne (USA); Melissa Cameron (USA/Australia);
Helen Carnac (UK); Susan Cross (Scotland/UK); Bettina Dittelmann (Germany); Cathy Fairgrieve (Wales/UK); Susie Ganch (USA); Beate Gegenwart (Wales/Germany); Gretchen Goss (USA);
Christine Graf (Germany); Andy Griffiths (Wales/UK); Kirsten Hayden (Australia/NZ); Kaori Juzu (Denmark/Japan); Ramon Puig Cuyás (Spain); Pamela Rawnsley (Wales/UK); Marjorie Simon (USA); Elizabeth Turrell (UK); Jessica Turrell (UK); Tamar De Vries Winter (UK/Israel); Silvia Walz (Spain/Germany); Gudrun Wiesmann (Germany); Young-I Kim (Germany/South Korea)

Further Scottish jewellers working with enamel will be featured in a pop-up display and retail event for the opening on 12 December. Experienced tutor Caroline Finlay from Fife will later run two enamel-based workshops to complement the exhibition on Sat 13 February 2016. With support from the Scottish Goldsmiths’ Trust a special symposium will be held on 19 February 2016 to explore the ideas underlying the exhibition and inspire future developments.

Also see the Heat Exchange 2 blog – http://heat-exchange.crimsoncactus.net/

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