FCA&C’s 10th Anniversary

Fife Contemporary Art & Craft will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 1 July 2016!  It feels to us like it’s been a packed decade, full of exhibitions & events, inspiring artists, widening networks – and a bit of hard work!

As a little memory jogger, we’ve created a 3 minute 40 sec film with 10 things we’re particularly proud of (see below). We’d love you to share your FCA&C highlights with us – please let us know what’s impressed or made a difference to you.  As we look back over 10 years, we’d also like to look to the future.  We have various exciting projects simmering away, but what would you like FCA&C to do?  Now’s your chance to tell us!

Email us, send us a tweet (@fifecontemp #BestofFifecontemp), or get in touch via Facebook (/fifecontemp/)

We’ll post favourite moments here!