>erasure – StAnza 2015

Poet/artist Kevin Reid’s collaboration with other poets and artists in a process of erasure, added text and visual art.

This collaboration between poet/artist Kevin Reid, poets Jo Bell and George Szirtes, and artists Sonja Benskin Mesher, Dean Pasch, Michael Powell and Dave Kirkwood takes the 1910 crime novel ‘Lying Lips’ by William Le Queux as its source. A process of erasure, added text and visual art creates a tale that explores truth, lies and deceit in the context of a man and a woman constantly meeting and parting. The exhibition is a selection of framed prints from the multimedia project which consists of 155 pieces in total. Each richly textured set of pages not only contains its own complex conversation, but also provides multiple stimulation points intended to spark the imagination of the reader. Originally created as an online project, this is the first time it has appeared in this form.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with StAnza Poetry Festival 2015, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival.

– Fri 6 March 2015, 12.30-1pm
Meet Kevin Reid, the artist/poet behind the >erasure exhibition
Town Hall foyer, Queen’s Gardens, free