Craft Pod 2009

After a successful ‘test drive’ in St Andrews Town Hall foyer, near FCA&C’s office, the Craft & Information Pods set off on their travels, heading first to the Carnegie Library in Dunfermline in February, and then to Rosyth Library where they will reside until the end of May 2010.

The aim behind the Pods is to bring small selections of high quality craft objects to non-gallery venues in the hope of reaching a different audience. The futuristic display pod and its accompanying information pod were designed and made by Nick Millar and James McLardy.

The first artist whose work inhabits the Craft Pod is Spanish trained/London based jeweller Arabel Lebrusan. Her work was first seen in Fife last year when FCA&C brought a Craft Council exhibition to Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery featuring her stunning silver mantilla. Now you can see smaller work by her (and Leblas Fine Jewellery), including pieces that use some of the same motifs found in the mantilla. Her specialism is designing items incorporating the traditional technique of filigree which she usually has made in small artisan workshops in her native Spain. She is firmly of the belief that such traditional techniques should be nurtured and not allowed just to die out.

To visit the Craft & Information Pods in Rosyth, head to the Parkgate Community Centre, Parkgate, Rosyth, KY11 2JW (tel 01383 602370).

Opening hours are:

Mon 9.30am – 1pm & 2 – 7pm
Tue 11am – 1pm & 2 – 5pm
Wed 9.30am – 1pm & 2 – 5pm
Thu 9.30am – 1pm & 2 – 7pm
Fri 9.30am – 1pm & 2 – 5pm
Sat 9.30am – 1pm