Container Banner Project

A series of 7 colourful and informative banners are touring various Fife libraries & high schools with the story of the ubiquitous shipping container!

Fife Contemporary worked with two senior pupils from Madras College in St Andrews who helped research content and design these banners. Joy Jennings and Molly Rigby visited our Town Hall office more or less weekly over 6 months from Autumn 2018 to Spring 2019, putting together the shipping container story.

We are planning a larger project featuring the humble container in the future, but felt we needed to understand more about them first. A much taken-for-granted object, they revolutionised the shipping industry when they were introduced.

To read more about our banners’ journey, take a look at the blog post.

So far, the banners will be travelling to some of the the same venues where you can see the Craft Pods this year.

Below are confirmed details of the banners’ tour over the next months:

We have a few tour slots left; so if you think you might have a suitable space to display them in, please get in touch to discuss!