Artists’ Environmental Resource

Fife Contemporary has created this Artists’ Environmental Resource page to host a document which is a general introduction to the issues artists might consider when trying to make their practice more environmentally sustainable.

Download the free Artists’ Environmental Resource pdf here

Its creation came out of a Climate Emergency in Practice day which we ran in October 2019. Our plan was originally to put together some kind of practical toolkit which artists could use to measure their carbon footprint. However, discussion during the day showed us the impossibility of the task, and we believe that this document will be more useful. The document will be updated annually, and we would welcome any new information that you can provide.

We would also like to share artists’ stories about how they are dealing with Climate Emergency and environmental issues in their own practice. To that end, we are putting together an Artists’ Environmental Sharespace and would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to be featured. Please send us images, related links, and information about relevant artwork. Also welcome are any hints and tips about materials and processes which allow your practice to be more sustainable.

We are opening the Sharespace by featuring the practices of two environmentally engaged artists who will be part of our REsolve exhibition, Stefanie Cheong and Hannah Imlach.